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51mm Bottomless Portafilter with Basket (for DeLonghi)


Upgrade from the Stock Portafilter that comes with your DeLonghi Machine!

The stock portafilter that comes with DeLonghi Espresso machines only comes with pressurized baskets. Pressurized baskets are useful for beginners. But when you want to advance to the next level and up your barista game, a bottomless portafilter is what you need!

With a bottomless portafilter, you can extract an espresso with a fuller body and all the nice flavour notes. Plus, it will help you identify whether you are having a good extraction, which will then help with diagnosing your process.

For example, a bottomless portafilter can show if your grind quality or tamping method is wrong when you see your espresso extraction is channeling or spurting in all directions.

Therefore, a bottomless portafilter will help you work towards your goal of improving your espresso making techniques!

Shipping Details:

  • The product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we are importing from our warehouse in China.

51mm Coffee Distribution Tool (For DeLonghi)


Coffee Distribution made easier with this Coffee Distribution tool!

A good distribution is fundamental when it comes to extracting good espresso. Do away with the mess and frustration with this coffee distribution tool! With a diameter of 51mm, it is perfect for DeLonghi Machines!

Exceptionally built, the coffee distribution tool will last you for years to come!

Shipping Information

  • Minimally 2 weeks shipping time as we are ordering from our warehouse in China

51mm Dosing Funnel (for DeLonghi)



A dosing funnel can keep your coffee station clean and also ensures that every gram of coffee gets into your portafilter!

This dosing funnel is developed using precise CNC Machines, giving it that premium feel.

Shipping Details:

  • Product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we import our stock directly from our warehouse in China.

51mm Wooden Tamp (for DeLonghi)


Upgrade from the stock plastic tamp that comes with your DeLonghi Machine!

Improve your Tamping technique with this premium Wooden Tamp which fits your DeLonghi Machine.

Carefully built, the Wooden Tamp feels solid in the hands with contoured curves for ergonomics. A significant upgrade from the stock plastic tamp!

Shipping Details:

  • The product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we are shipping from our warehouse in China.

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea



★ Enjoy FRESH Cold Brew Coffee or Tea!

★ All items are delivered in BUNDLES of 6

Description: 6 x 250ml of your desired beverage

During this circuit breaker, enjoy a refreshing bottle of Cold Brew Coffee or Tea delivered straight to your doorstep!

Please store in the fridge as soon as possible. Goods stored refrigerated can last up to 5 days from delivery. 

★ ORDER TODAY! Delivery within 2-3 days! (Please inform our team of your preferred delivery timing at checkout page)


DeLonghi Dedica EC685.M


DeLonghi Dedica EC685.M

DeLonghi Dedica is the perfect machine for those who want to try their hands at making Espresso Style coffee! Here at Nineteen95, this is our most recommended coffee machine for those who are on a budget. At under $400, there can be no other machine that matches its equal.

Can this machine make Latte Art? Of course it can! The steam wand is powerful enough to froth micro foam for Latte Art! Refer to the 5th picture.


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Shipping Details:

Purchase now and receive it in 2-3 working days!

Warranty Details:

  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

Warranty will be covered by DeLonghi Singapore. For any Warranty matters, please approach DeLonghi Singapore for more information.


Essential Espresso Accessories Bundle (Save $22)


Get this all-in-one bundle at a SPECIAL PRICE!

Save more than 10% when you get this exclusive bundle from us!

Here is what is included in the bundle:

  1. 1x 51mm Bottomless Portafilter
  2. 1x 51mm Wooden Tamp
  3. 1x 51mm Distribution Puck
  4. 1x 51mm Dosing Funnel
  5. 1x Tamping Mat
  6. 1x Small Knockbox

Shipping Details:

  • Products will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we are shipping from our warehouse in China.

OEM Hand Grinder (Stainless Steel)


Best Espresso Hand Grinder!

Grinders are equally as important as your coffee machine! With this hand grinder, anybody can make HIGH-QUALITY ESPRESSO with a low budget!

Get your hands on this ultra high quality hand grinder today! Grinds fine enough for Espresso and coarse enough for Filter Brews. The small size and form factor makes it easy to store and carry around – Perfect for a space-stricken countertop!

Super Fast – This grinder is able to grind 16 grams of coffee in under 1 minute for Espresso! Under 30 seconds for Filter Brew!

This is the best hand grinder for Espresso and for Filter Brews!


Colour: Black

Material: Aluminium Alloy + Stainless Steel + Wood

Product size: Body: 140x45mm; Handle: 147x43mm

Comes packed with a cleaning brush.

Shipping Details:

Product takes minimally 2 weeks to arrive.

Small Knockbox (13cm x 13cm x 13cm)


Get rid of your used coffee grind with this Knockbox.

Protect your portafilter and safely get rid of used grounds with a knockbox. The small size (13cm x 13cm x 13cm) is perfect for Home Baristas with a small countertop.

Shipping Details:

  • Product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we are shipping directly from our warehouse in China.

Tamping Mat w/ Tamp Holder


Protect your countertop and Portafilter!

Using a rubber tamping mat can help you to avoid damaging your countertop and your portafilter. More importantly, it can help to prevent accidents caused by the Portafilter slipping when you are tamping!

Shipping Details:

  • Product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we ship it directly from our warehouse in China.