Coffee Appreciation and Latte Art Workshops Singapore

Coffee Appreciation and Latte Art Workshops in Singapore! Learn more about coffee or pick up a new skill like Latte Art! 

We are able to hold classes and workshops at our shop or at your venue!


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Corporate Team Bonding Coffee and Latte Art Workshops

Customised Coffee Appreciation Class and Latte Art Workshops for your company's Team Bonding!

Want to reward your team with a unique and fun activity? Our Coffee Appreciation Classes and Latte Art Workshops fulfill those criteria! Whether it is online, at your office, or at our venue, we are able to customise a special package to suit your needs!

We can customize a team bonding package for your specific needs! Participants can expect to have an amazing, caffeine filled sessions with us as they deep-dive into a World of Coffee. Each participant will get a chance to have hands-on at making coffee with various brew methods and even get to learn how to pour their own Latte Art!

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Workshops and Classes

Latte Art Workshop (2 Hours)

Want to learn the basic 3 Latte Art Shapes? In this class, we will be going through the techniques in order to perfect the basic shapes which are the Heart, Tulip, and Rosetta.

The Latte Art workshop will be a combination of Theory and Hands-on. Participants can expect to learn the following: 

  • Milk Steaming Technique
  • Proper Cup and Jug Form
  • Mixing of Milk
  • The Pour
  • Advanced Latte Art Shapes
 Recommended for:
1. Those who want to try something fun and new! No experience needed!
2. Baristas who are struggling to achieve Latte Art


Maximum participants at OUR Venue – 8

We are also able to go down to your venue to conduct a bigger coffee art workshop. Drop us an email to find out more!

Prices starts at $120/pax. 
Discounts available for GROUP BOOKINGS

Coffee Appreciation Workshop
(1.5 to 2 hours)

Learn more about coffee in a fun and engaging way with our Coffee Appreciation Workshops! Participants will deep-dive into the world of coffee and have a hands-on with different coffee beans from various regions and experience an array of brew methods!

 Depending on your requirements, you can expect to learn:

  • What is Specialty Coffee
  • Various Species of Beans
  • Brewing Methods and Hands-On
  • Coffee Supply Chain
  • Espresso-Based Coffee
  • Tasting and Cupping

Recommended for:

  1. Individuals who are keen on advancing to the next level of their love for coffee.
  2. Corporates looking for fun and engaging welfare/recreational activities for their employees.

(We are able to host mass online Zoom workshops, contact us to find out more)

Courses will incorporate both Theory and Practical sessions. 
Prices starts at $100/pax. 
Discounts available for GROUP BOOKINGS

Barista Skills Workshop (2 Hours)

This workshop focuses on equipping you with the necessary skills required to work in a Cafe establishment or simply for Home Baristas to perfect their techique.

Expect to learn the following:

  • What is an Espresso
  • How to make an Espresso
  • Troubleshooting and Calibration of Machines
  • Understanding Espresso-Based Beverages
  • Basic Latte Art

Recommended for:

  1. Home Baristas who are facing trouble using their Espresso Machines. 
  2. Individuals who want to equip themselves with Barista Skills to work at F&B establishments.
Courses will incorporate both Theory and Practical sessions. 
Prices starts at $120/pax. 
Discounts available for GROUP BOOKINGS

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