51mm Bottomless Portafilter with Basket (for DeLonghi)

Upgrade from the Stock Portafilter that comes with your DeLonghi Machine!

The stock portafilter that comes with DeLonghi Espresso machines only comes with pressurized baskets. Pressurized baskets are useful for beginners. But when you want to advance to the next level and up your barista game, a bottomless portafilter is what you need!

With a bottomless portafilter, you can extract an espresso with a fuller body and all the nice flavour notes. Plus, it will help you identify whether you are having a good extraction, which will then help with diagnosing your process.

For example, a bottomless portafilter can show if your grind quality or tamping method is wrong when you see your espresso extraction is channeling or spurting in all directions.

Therefore, a bottomless portafilter will help you work towards your goal of improving your espresso making techniques!

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  • The product will take minimally 2 weeks to arrive as we are importing from our warehouse in China.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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