Everyone has to start somewhere, right? If you're interested in picking up coffee skills, let our expert team of baristas help you!

We provide training and coffee workshops for corporate clients and baristas who want to up their game! Our workshops come in all sizes and packages depending on your needs - from a short 2 hour crash course, to an extensive all day course where we will teach you everything from scratch!

About us

The story behind Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar

The story of two best friends and their dreams

It all started back in Polytechnic where the two best friends had the idea of starting a business together. Ideas were thrown here and there and eventually Nineteen95 was born. The ultimate goal of the business was to expose Specialty Coffee to the local market and educate people what Specialty Coffee is all about. It is more than just the caffeine kick or the bitterness that comes along. It is understanding that within the cup, lies the hard work and passion from a chain of people that brought you the final product in the cup. The natural sweetness, coupled with the fruity, chocolatey notes from an Ethiopian Guji is oh so to die for. Very often, we get asked: "Why Nineteen95?" Other than it being the birth year of our Founders, it is a representation of Youth and clearly exemplifies what young people are capable of; an expression of energy, determination, passion, and so much more. Juggling school and the business is no easy feat. However, our 2 Founders seem to make it work effortlessly! Do support them and their entrepreneurial spirits!

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