6 Takeaways from starting my own business

Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to start a business, well everyone does. A few years prior to Nineteen95, there was a plan in motion to start a retail shop selling consumer electronics but stopped due to the lack of motivation. Nineteen95 wasn’t always what it is today. A year ago, I also […]

Things no one will tell you about opening a F&B

As many know, for a couple of months, We at Nineteen95 ventured on a side project and collaborated to produce a F&B. Do note that we are no longer associated with such F&B. There are many ways to set up a startup, rights, wrongs and varying experiences! However, through the experience, we have learnt a lot […]

Types of coffee everyone needs to know

There are many types of coffee based beverages, from drip coffee to your favourite StarBucks Frappes. In this article we are focusing on espresso based beverages. Here are the types of coffee everyone needs to know! Latte An espresso drink that consists of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. What makes a latte vs a flat […]

Basic steps in perfecting latte art

The cafe scene in Singapore is all about that instalife. You are never at that cafe until you post the photo of your #foodporn. In Singapore, the cafe trend is simply, all about looks; mainly latte art. Well, so for all our barista readers, how do we perfect latte art. At Nineteen95, We are not […]

Steaming Milk for Latte Art

Steaming Milk for Latte Art Hello one and all! It’s been awhile since I posted anything on this blog. We’ve been really busy with events and our lives recently. As you all know, I own a La Pavoni Stradavari that I use for my home setup. Along the way, you WILL encounter issues using the machine […]

Is Rocket Cellini the best machine for you?

Many of you have seen our setup thus far. The combination of, Rocket Cellini and Compak K6 Grinder, is not the most impressive but it gets the job done. We are going to see how the Cellini gets the job done. Introduction Brand Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto […]

Best Coffee Beans For You

Taste is subjective. Each individual will have their own preference, a cup of coffee can taste delicious to one while the same cup of coffee can taste horrible to another. Hence, we are going to run through the different types of beans based on its species, origins and roast to determine whats best for you! […]

Who is Nineteen95?

Introduction: Who is Nineteen95? Given the rise of the mobile coffee cart industry, Nineteen95 has been seen at various events and pop up locations. But who is Nineteen95? Nineteen95 is a Singapore based startup by two childhood friends. The business focuses on providing Mobile Coffee Catering in Singapore. The name of the business is derived […]

How to make Latte with a La Pavoni

Greetings one and all! Today’s post will be about making a cuppa Latte with a La Pavoni. The La Pavoni is a hand lever espresso machine – almost all the elements are controlled by the user. When I say all the elements, I refer to things like temperature, pre-infusion timings, extraction pressure, and many more. […]

Cold Brew Coffee at home in 8 EASY steps!

Cold Brew Coffee at home in 8 EASY steps! Ever wondered how to make Cold Brew Coffee at home? It’s actually very simple! All you need are a few items you can find around your household and a bit of your time. Equipment Needed: Fresh roasted coffee A big jar Weighing Scale Coffee Grinder Coffee […]