Our Services

Bringing Specialty Coffee, to You.

Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar , the mobile coffee cart, brings specialty coffee to your doorstep, wherever, whenever. If you have a private event, wedding party, or are just interested in our services, do drop us an email for a quick quotation

Our Services

Customized Branding

Having your guests walk around with your brand in their hands is the epitomy of marketing and brand exposure. If you desire to place your brand, logo, or a simple monogram on our cups, we will do it for you. Let your event be truly customized to you and only you.

Cold Brew and Iced Coffee

Nothing beats the heat like an ice cold cup of coffee! Treat your guests to our Cold Brew and Iced Coffee to beat Singapore's treacherous heat!

Brand Activation

Our cart is your canvas for Brand Activation. Need to drive a message across or promote a product? Let us know and we will specially arrange for our cart to be customized to your campaign requirements!

About us

The story behind Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar

The story of two best friends and their dreams

It all started back in Polytechnic where the two best friends had the idea of starting a business together. Ideas were thrown here and there and eventually Nineteen95 was born. The ultimate goal of the business was to expose Specialty Coffee to the local market and educate people what Specialty Coffee is all about. It is more than just the caffeine kick or the bitterness that comes along. It is understanding that within the cup, lies the hard work and passion from a chain of people that brought you the final product in the cup. The natural sweetness, coupled with the fruity, chocolatey notes from an Ethiopian Guji is oh so to die for. Very often, we get asked: "Why Nineteen95?" Other than it being the birth year of our Founders, it is a representation of Youth and clearly exemplifies what young people are capable of; an expression of energy, determination, passion, and so much more. Juggling school and the business is no easy feat. However, our 2 Founders seem to make it work effortlessly! Do support them and their entrepreneurial spirits!

Mobile Cart

Our mobile cart is fully customized and fitted for our needs, perfectly fitting our 2 machines. It comes equipped with a sink and water supply; no plumbing is required at the location!

Specialty Coffee

Through rigorous rounds of cupping sessions, we have decided to work closely with a local cafe/roaster to procure our beans. Rest assured that our beans are Specialty Grade and not Gourmet Grade and are of the highest quality, roasted to perfection. If you desire a particular taste profile, let us know in advance and we will prepare it for you.

Dedicated Baristas

A cup of coffee can only be as good as the person that makes it. Our founders cum baristas have years of knowledge, training and practice. Led by their passion for coffee, they are always in constant pursuit to perfect the art and are dedicated to bringing you that perfect cup, every time.

The Team

Get to know the people behind the coffee.

Uzen Tan, Founder and Student Entrepreneur, 24

Nineteen95 was founded by Uzen Tan. Uzen started out learning to brew specialty coffee from one of the part time jobs he held. However, none of them really got into the details of how to correctly brew a cuppa coffee. With a burning passion, he invested in an espresso machine and taught himself the ropes. He has finally mastered the craft through hours of practice and reading and is now ready to bring the best of what he has learnt, to you! Uzen is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Hospitality Business at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Julian Lim, Co-Founder and Student Entrepreneur, 24

Having a coffee related business has always been on the back of his mind, never had he thought that he would get a partner and start Nineteen95. Julian's curiosity and interest in perfecting latte art was the catalyst that piqued his interest in coffee. From there, he realized that a cup of coffee cannot only look good but must also taste good. Julian's goal is to serve coffee that will change your perception and provide you with that wow factor. Julian has recently completed his studies and has attained a Degree in Economics and Finance at RMIT.

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